Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Week

Teresa had a terrific first week of school. She's in 6th grade this year. They rotate between the 3 teachers and so far she loves them all.

She goes to camp KEEP in 4 weeks - yikes! She's really excited.

Here's just a little picture of Teresa's kitty, longing to be outside.

Friday was a pretty fun day. Nathan and I went and played with Ian and Michelle and Luke for Ian's birthday. Then to lunch. It was very fun!

And then that evening we were all at the hospital waiting to welcome Sean and Serina's baby boy. Ryan Jackson Perry was born that evening, weighing 4lbs 14oz. He was born 5 weeks early, but he's doing okay and is SO adorable! I can't wait until he gets to come home and we can meet him. (They have pictures on their blog)

Saturday we partied all day. Well, not all day, first there was the assembly of a cake and then naps, THEN we partied. Ian's party and then James' party.

Here are a few pics of Ian's party

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nice day at the park

We took a lunch and went to the park for a little relaxing afternoon. The kids played and we relaxed, it was very nice.

(Notice Nathan's "spikey" hair, as he says - although, at this point it wasn't as spikey as he wanted it)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One last time this summer

We went to the beach one last time before school starts. Ty, Michelle, Ian, Luke, Sean and Serina went too. It ended up being a pretty nice day, a little cold if you stayed in the shade too long. It was nice and relaxing.

Teresa played in the sand for a long time, then she decided to try out the water, but it was too cold to do anything more than just stand there

The boys are very happy playing in the wet sand

Here are all the adults relaxing, I joined them too. But not until I made a "sandcastle". Okay, so it's supposed to be an SUV :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun day!

My mom took me and the kids to lunch and then the movies to see the Night at the Museum movie in the dollar theater.

So for lunch we went to a place called the Burger Depot, it was more about the train than the food. But the food wasn't bad either
(ring, ring, posey)
The movie was pretty good. Nathan wanted me to cover his eyes because the anticipation of some things was killing him.
Thanks for a fun day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009