Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bowling Birthday Party!

Saturday Teresa and some friends went bowling for her birthday. Not many were able to come, but they had a really good time.

The invitations
I had one we were going to make, but they
 gave us these cool pinsSo we just added the ball
with more info on the back, tied with a ribbon

The bowling balls
Teresa bowling. This was only the second time she'd been bowling

Nathan bowled most of the game with a ramp,
But here he is after he rolled it himself.
He was very proud, and bowled the rest like this, granny style

Teresa has this cool bowling pin
that her friends signed for her

The table was all set up for us

Cute little party hats Teresa chose for her and her friends

The gang

I let them go at it with forks

Lots of good laughs. Teresa said she hasn't laughed that hard in awhile

The cake when they were done with it

Guess Who's 13?

Teresa had her 13th birthday Friday. Boy what a day! We always start the special day with breakfast on the special birthday plate. It's usually pancakes, Teresa wanted hers with strawberry syrup. Yum! Oh, and a candle to make a morning wish.

After breakfast she got her Psych fix. Her and Nathan are watching season one again. I worked on her birthday cake for that night. For lunch we met Jonathan at Sequoia Sandwich Shop, so yummy! And the weather wasn't bad, we enjoyed our lunch outside. There was just enough time for me to finish the cake before we had to get to the movies, we went to the discount theater to see Rango (I wouldn't recommend it, but we had a good time anyway)  Then back to the house for dinner of potatoes and hot dogs, something we have once a year, usually on her birthday. I love that she knows what she wants.
We invited the family over for cake and ice cream that evening.

The invitation

The cake

I made a bunch of these tissue paper flowers to hang around the house

Make a wish!

Opening the gift from Nathan, a cell phone kitty charm and a carrying case

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

It has become a tradition to make a trip to the beach for Father's day. There's no better way to honor a dad, especially one who loves the ocean, then a relaxing day at the beach, spending time as a family, in the sun, listening to the surf, relaxing. It was wonderful! We've been pretty busy, or sick, so it's been awhile since we had a relaxing weekend. And to make it better, there were hardly any people there. It almost felt like we had the beach to ourselves.

She was hugging the umbrella, I don't know...

No big sand castle this time. But Nathan was very proud of his little one
We stopped in Santa Clarita at Claim Jumper for dinner. It was a very good day!

Sunday we relaxed at home and then went to my parents for dinner. We were in charge of dessert.

I bet you didn't know you could hire super heroes to help in the kitchen.
They do a pretty good job.

Here we are making tarts, lemon and blueberry.
We also made brownie bites and rice crspy treats. Yum!

I hope everyone had a nice Father's Day.

Summer time, Summer time...

Sum, Sum, Summer time!

A recipe for a great start to summer

Add one slice of Watermelon

20+ green tomatoes from your vegetable garden

A little row of corn

Blow bubbles...

That the kitty can chase

And a little playground fun before play practice
 We are 3 weeks in and we've had a good start. We went to the beach this last weekend for Father's Day (another post). We have a very special birthday coming up at the end of the week(look for that post), and then 2 weeks from then we have another special birthday. On July 15th and 16th Teresa will be in Sleeping Beauty. And then, a special family vacation. So there is so much more fun to be had - and that's just the big stuff :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Shower

Sunday was Serina's baby shower. You know how sometimes things just fall into place and work out? This was one of those rare times. Thanks to her sister-in-law for doing the games, the shower was really nice. I've been sick, so doing games, decorations and food would have been way to much to handle. Serina got some really great stuff for their baby girl.
I used the Carter Baby Girl Shower as my theme

These are the party favors I made.

I loved these fruit kabobs I found here. Teresa helped out a lot with these

Measuring her belly for a game. We had lots of fun games, some I'd never played.

Michelle made her a lot of cute hats, bows and a blanket
We couldn't resist giving her a few outfits, they're just so cute!
 I loved this reusable bag too. I always say I'm going to gift with these, but never remember.


Kenan and Stacey stopped in Bakersfield before they started their honeymoon. It was so good to see them again and have the chance to visit. We had everyone over last Saturday for dinner. Here we are watching some Brian Regan (Stacey hadn't seen him)

Sunday morning Serina treated us to some delicious french toast, and then Kenan and Stacey were off on their honeymoon. Nathan told me a few days ago, out of the blue, that he missed Kenan and Stacey