Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Nathan post

While at the doctors yesterday Nathan asked me what this was (he took the picture above, btw). I gave the usual answers, could be this, could be that. His response "no, they're making more clouds"
(At first I thought he said cows ) Then he asked why they were making more clouds.

I have to post of few of the pictures he took. He's actually pretty good at taking pictures. He turns the camera and steps up and back depending on what he wants to capture(he can't zoom).

He really likes to set the camer on the floor or table to get a picture
He liked the colors of the floor, he was actually swinging the camera to get the lens cap in the picture.

He would poke his head out the door and squat down to get pictures

He took a picture of the garbage can under the sink, but then he liked it with just one door open


Teresa's 6th grade class has what they call character cash that they earn for showing good character and other positive things. Each quarter they have a "yard Sale". The kids bring in things they want to sell for character cash(old toys, books, etc.) and then the teachers have an auction for really cool things, like pizza with a teacher, or a game of basketball, tea party - stuff like that. So the first quarter we made sock buddies, and they were a huge hit. This time we made quadropus. They use a glove and buttons. They turned out pretty cute and the kids loved them. Here is a picture of all the different ones we made. (I should mention there are buttons on the bottom of their four tentacles)

Here's the link

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Piano Playing

Ty and Michelle came over for a bit yesterday and the kids had a great time playing on the piano. First it was just Luke, but then Ian and Nathan had to join in.

(I just noticed they might look a little funny with their jackets and hoods on. But we were just about to go somewhere. Isn't it funny that both boys insist on their hoods being up.)

Oh and I have to add this photo of Nathan. He's wearing his dad's boots on his feet and my shoes on his hands. He kept giggling, he thought it was pretty funny.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fantastic Afternoon!

We had a fantastic afternoon. Jonathan and I dropped the kids off at my folks and then went shopping for my birthday present - this gorgeous guitar! I am SO excited! Had a delicious lunch(grilled burrito at Que Pasa - but we really went for the chips and salsa) and bought a few small things at the mall. It was awesome! I told him this is the way to do a birthday.
So, I've already had a really great birthday and it isn't until Wed :D
For those curious, it's a Black Cordoba C5, nylon, 6 string guitar.

I must have played for almost 2 hours today and my fingers hurt, but it's a good thing :) Oh, and don't expect to hear anything recognizable any time soon. I have a lot to learn.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Good!

The Sun is out, the ground is wet from all the rain we got last night and it's not cold. AND, we're actually feeling healthy today - YAH!

Teresa isn't quite 100%, but she's back at school today and doing much better.

* I should note, both Teresa and I ended up with the stomach flu on Monday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Week

Recap the week -

Jonathan had serious food poisoning Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday evening Teresa's abdomen started hurting really bad. She was curled up on the floor crying.(it had been hurting since Monday, but not very bad). She missed school Thurs and Fri because of it. It's Sat and she is feeling better now. She saw the doctor and they are running a few tests to see if we can see what keeps causing this pain. He suspects IBS, or some sort of allergy.

Thursday Nathan starts complaining that his tummy hurts. He even said he "...needed to throw up, but it wouldn't come." Friday it gets worse, so bad he was crying and begging me to take him to his doctor :( That afternoon he does get sick a few times.
He is such a good sick boy. No messes to clean up with him.

Anyway, here he is being so sad and sick on the kitchen rug. He kind of went around the house doing this, he'd come into a room and lay down.

I'm giving him a drink with a straw - he was thirsty.

He's doing a little better this morning, he says his tummy still hurts, but he's not just laying around.

All 3 seeming to be unrelated.


The kids both got skates for Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa gave Teresa new rollerblades

And Nathan got Teresa's old Fisher-Price skates that go over his shoes. They are perfect for him. They have 3 settings, level 1 locks the front wheels, 2 makes them roll slow and 3 is normal. He's using them on 2 and doing okay.

(horribly blurry picture, but still cute :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Evolution of Art

I love the stages people go through when kids are drawing them.
Here is one of Nathan's latest creations. It has a sort of Calvin and Hobbes look. I have a similar one from Teresa when she was about the same age. Sometimes they have arms and ears. I remember I was obsessed with belly buttons when I was small and drawing pictures.