Monday, November 10, 2014

October Fun!

Nathan's field trip to Murray Family Farms

Halloween Party at School

The wicked witch and her flying monkey

Teresa went to a party this year and Nathan got to go Trick-or-treating with
cousins (thanks Ty and Michelle) I've had a hurt back for weeks and Jonathan had Pneumonia.
So we stayed home and handed out candy :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Picture = 1000 words

Pirate Cupcakes for Nathan's birthday
A Pump-it-up Party with family and friends.

A pirate cake for my boy

Nathan had the best time!

Goodie Bags

Happy 8th Birthday Nathan! (scones for breakfast)

Our new dog...

Oh wait, this is our new dog. Her name is Lady

My dad's book themed retirement party. We had so much fun with the book theme

Teresa and her friends before opening night of Shrek the Musical
the little boy hugging Teresa's leg was Jack, a dwarf, and her shadow the whole time

First day of second grade

Nathan and Lady. Maybe she doesn't want him to go
A trip to the circus. Look at those clowns!

Teresa, me, grandpa, grandma, Nathan, Owen, James, Amanda and Sandy

The show was really great!

Nathan started Karate! Doesn't he looks so cute in his gee?!

And Look! My brother got married this last weekend! My new sister-in-law is Cheri and she's awesome!

Let's see, the things that don't have pictures...

Teresa is attending Valley Oaks Charter school for her junior year and loving it. She has 4 classes, She goes once a week  to those classes, and the rest is done at home including independent P.E.

She just got a job coaching volleyball. She has 2 fifth grade teams, and she is LOVING it!

She's a little miserable at the moment because she got 4 impacted wisdom teeth out this last Wednesday :( NO FUN! 

Ta-Ta for now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Birthday Fun!

On Teresa's birthday we had the usual bday breakfast. Then on to my parents house to have lunch with all the cousins. After that the girls went and got mani's and pedi's and then spent some time at Charming Charlies. It was a lot of fun. In the evening we took her to Chili's.
Flowers from Mom and Dad and Flowers from Kenan and Stacey. Plus the last
piece to the precious moments train.

Nathan got her a cool box with a gift card to Michael's for some art supplies, and the
power disc of Maximus from tangled for Disney's infinity

Our gift to Teresa was a night with friends in Valencia at a hotel and a trip to Magic Mountain. She took her 3 closest friends - Hannah, Corissa and Alex. These girls are the best!(all four of them)

At our hotel. They swam and went to the gym later that night

A little art gallery


Having some fun in Pottery barn

The only pictures I have from Magic Mountain are these. But they had an unforgettable time!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teresa's 16th Birthday Party (the celebration has only just begun)

Thank you to all of those who came to celebrate Teresa's birthday. We had a full house and backyard.

We're missing one of the guests, Corissa, she had to leave early.

Stay tuned for more...