Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day in First Grade

Some pictures from Nathan's class on Valentine's Day

Cupcakes Nathan and I made for his class. Jonathan made me a
little heart cutter with our new 3D printer.

I love how festive they all looked

And just because it's funny, here is Jazzy sleeping in a container with
a stuffed enderman(Minecraft monster)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Cruise - Sunday

Sunday we were off the ship before 8am. We had rented a car to explore Miami a bit.

View of Miami from our Balcony as we entered the Port of Miami early Sunday morning

Packed and ready to go, we managed to get all of our stuff, plus our
souvenirs home in less luggage than we came with

Key Biscayne, FL

The house near the lighthouse

We climbed to the top of the light house

An interesting tree in Miami

Lunch at the Bubba Gump's in Miami

Miami City scape

Ice cream at the airport. We spent 5 hours waiting for our flight.
We managed quite well

This is a little towel elephant that we made for the maids at the hotel in LA

We had an amazing time! We talk about next time ;)

Family Cruise - Saturday

Another day at sea...

First stop, Buffet Breakfast

They had a towel folding demonstration and then a cute towel puppet theater

This was our room steward, Setyo, making the head of an elephant

Some of the cute towel animals they had on display that morning.
We had a new one in our cabin every evening

The bathroom

Just hangin' out eating candy and watching a movie

We enjoyed our balcony

a watermelon carving

Yes, that says Chocolate Extravaganza

An ice cream swan

Teresa wasn't feeling great, so she stole my bed

The Family game show was really fun to watch

Last night in the dining room.
The waiters and waitresses sang and danced for us

Frog legs

This was a map on one of the channels. We could check where we had been and how fast we were going,
how deep it was and how far we had traveled. I think in all it was 1916 nautical miles