Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Beans!

Yup, he's eating green beans he stole from the table. That's my boy! He loves his fruits and veggies
I have to add something that just happened. Nathan showed me his foot and it was all red, so I asked what happened and he starts making a Whirra, Whirra noise, then he asked me to make it stop. It took a second but we figured his foot was asleep and the whirra, whirra was the tingling. hehe! He makes me laugh.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camp E

Ty and Ian invited Jonathan and Nathan over to have a campout in Ty's backyard on Friday night. The boys were so excited and did really well. They stayed in the tent all night long. Before they retired to the tent, we had pizza and made smore's.

The girls had a slumber party inside :) We stayed up late and watched a movie. It was a lot of fun.
Nathan was so sad to leave Saturday morning, all the way home he was saying he missed E and he wanted to Camp E. I don't think he'll forget this experience very soon

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monster vs. Aliens

It's a good movie. We took the kids yesterday and Nathan was mezmorized by it. He didn't want to wear his 3D glasses the whole time, but he didn't care. The new 3D movies are so amazing. It used to be that just parts of the scene popped out at you and the other parts were just 2D, but this one seemed to have great depth, it was very cool. I think we'll be adding it to our library. Only downside - VERY expensive. It was our first time taking Nathan to a full price theater, and then you had to add another $3.50 for the 3D. And what's a movie without popcorn ?! But we all had a really great time. Before the movie we went to Costco for hotdogs :) And after we went for a very nice bike ride. A great Sunday!
Teresa in her 3D glasses

Teresa's Art Class

My parents gave Teresa 4 art classes for Christmas. She has been to 3 of them already. She is having so much fun, she love, love, loves it. I thought I'd share her 3 pieces she's done so far.
The cat is from her first class. It's a 2 hour class, so they can get a lot done.
Here is a fox she sketched from her second class
This last class she did a little lamb

She has always loved to draw and create. I remember in Kindergarten we had to convince her that coloring a pre-printed picture was still art, she prefered to create her own picture.
I'll post more as the weeks go on, she's decided to continue in the class for now, unfortunately we had to put a hold on piano lessons. Maybe I can sneek a few in from me this summer :)

I love Spring!

Nathan is helping me plant some flowers out front. I always have allysum come back, but never in the right spots, so we were transplanting and filling in the gaps.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SUNDAY #2 (Spring Break)

Sunday morning the kids got their Easter baskets and we had a small egg hunt out front. Then we went for a very nice bike ride to a park and played awhile.

Teresa has read the first 3 39 Clues books and has been playing the online game, so we got her a pack of cards to add to the adventure

Nathan is in to Spider-Man right now, so we decked him out with Spider-Man stuff

That evening we had a delicious dinner and fun egg hunt at my folks house. The kids also got fun easter baskets from grandma and grandpa.

The kids had fun finding all those eggs

SATURDAY #2 (Spring Break)

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Ty and Michelle's and then colored Easter Eggs.

Such concentration. Nathan only wanted to do a few

Teresa had some very beautiful and creative eggs

Ian was very into it, he wanted to keep doing it

That afternoon we went up to Jonathan's parents house in Tehachapi for an Easter egg hunt

No peeking, Nathan!

Everyone with their Easter baskets and the eggs they collected
Ian and Nathan didn't waste any time getting the candy out of the eggs

Monday, April 13, 2009

THURSDAY & FRIDAY (Spring Break)

Teresa and Nathan spent the afternoon/evening with Grandma and Grandpa while Jonathan and I did a little shopping and went out to dinner. It was very nice! Teresa stayed the night that night. Friday we met up to play Miniature Golf. The weather wasn't awesome, but we didn't get any rain while we were playing.
We showed Nathan how to do it, but he had his own way.

After a few holes Nathan was more interested in the cool stuff than actually getting his ball in the hole.
It was a lot of fun though :) After we went to my folks for lunch. A really nice afternoon.
That evening we grilled hamburgers, in the rain. YUM!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

WEDNESDAY(spring Break)

I have no pictures for today. We just spent the day relaxing. We watched the rain, then a quick trip to the grocery store, followed by homemade chili, Raspberry Chocolate Crumb Bars and Ice cream and a movie, "Despereaux". It was a good day. Nathan got his usual nap and Teresa got to play with a friend

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TUESDAY(Spring Break)

Tuesday was filled with a lot of little fun things. Jonathan has the whole week off, so we're vacationing at home the rest of the week ( I highly recommend it)

We flew kites. Mostly Teresa flew her kite, Nathan's didn't want to get up there. It didn't help that the wind died down.

We had some AWESOME pizza from a new pizzeria.

The biggest part of the day was when Teresa got her braces. It's just the top four teeth for now.
I think she looks very cute. She was very excited to get them.

After that we went on a 5 mile bike ride. We rode to Ty and Michelle's house and then back. It was a big deal, considering it was only our 3rd bike ride.

After that we opened a coconut, I know, sounds weird. But we had some from the luau and Teresa wanted to crack it open.

MONDAY(Spring Break)

Monday we had a nice breakfast and then packed up and checked out of the hotel.

The kids shared a bed

We were heading back to Morro Rock, but on the other side. We saw a huge Sea Otter, but I didn't get a picture.

After we wandered and played there we drove back to Embarcadero to see the little aquarium they have there. It's very small ($2 to get in) but they had tons of different kinds of fish, plus 2 harbor seals. Well worth the $2!

Teresa and I did a little shopping before we left Morro Bay. Then we headed to Pismo. The idea was to hit the beach and look for sand dollars and then have some clam chowder at Splash.

We found some caves to explore, but the tide was coming in, so we couldn't stay long. Between Jonathan and Teresa they found 3 whole sand dollars.

It was nice, the weather was beautiful. For some reason Nathan was almost afraid of the water at Pismo. I think it might have been because it was so loud, with the cliffs behind us it seemed to be louder.

The Splash thing didn't work out. We were way too hungry to wait in the line that went around the block. So we found a little pizza place, nothing spectacular (almost yucky) but the place was cool and we still enjoyed ourselves.

They were being so cute while Teresa and I ordered
After lunch we stopped and got frozen yogurt and walked on the pier. We were freezing so that was short lived. We were ready to go home. It was a perfect little vacation, and both kids slept on the way home :)