Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Teresa is studying Egypt in school right now. They've had a lot of fun little project they've done. They painted scarabs on rocks, drew hieroglyphs, and mummified a barbie. The next step was making a sarcophagus for the mummy.
This is Teresa's, she used salt dough on top of a shoe box covered in some fabric we had that looked like stone. Then she painted it. They had to put things in the sarcophagus, so she made a few things and went through her "collection" to add lucky charms.

(Her "collection" is stuff she finds, ever since she was very small she has collected - well, anything. It was mostly full of sticks and rocks in the beginning, but now she has charms and stones and beads and buttons, string, anything she finds, it goes in her collection)

I love my Valentine!

I had a pretty good day despite being very sick. Everyone let me sleep in until 9am. And I woke up to these beautiful flowers on my desk...

And that wasn't all, there was a capo and picks for my guitar - but best of all...This beautiful ring. I have the best valentine EVER!!! He's so good to me.

The kids made each other and me and Jonathan cute little cards. I layed on the couch most of the day reading a book or sleeping. (I think we'll finally have our special valentine's dinner tonight. I think I'm feeling well enough and might be able to taste it)

I made these miniature cupcakes(30+) for Teresa's class on Friday.

Jonathan's Birthday!

Jonathan's birthday was Thursday. We didn't do a whole lot. The guys at work, took him out to lunch. Then we had a light dinner and cupcakes.
The kids each bought him something and made him cards.
Nathan thought his dad needed a bouncy ball. And Teresa got him the Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, something they can do together.

Teresa wrote him a lymric - it was very well done.
And Nathan drew the family(pictured below) Nathan, mom, Teresa and Dad with a party hat. He's likes to including a penis for boys and boobies for girls ;)

This was the cake for Saturday, nothing special. I wasn't feeling very good. It was going to be optical illusions.