Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Fun

I know, it seems like the fun never ends. We're loving it! We'll miss the Mattson's when they leave.
Here are some pictures from the 20th when we got together for come water fun and dinner.

Here we are making ice cream.
We are rolling the ice cream ball back and forth

Amber. Jared and Seth swinging

Don't mess with Nathan, he's using the big gun now

Ty instigated another water fight after dinner.
The kids played all afternoon on the slip and slide and with the other water fun

I think Teresa is playing baseball with Ryan

Teresa and Caitlin

Seth wanted to ride the scooter

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cousin Time

We had the Mattson's and the in-laws over yesterday for some play time, food and water.

Seth would laugh every time he put something in the fountain


Teresa, Desi and Clarissa

Ty, Michelle and the boys came later. It was fun to see all the cousins playing together, and the brothers talk. It was fun! We stayed until the lights went out :)


The Mattson's missed us so much they decided to turn around, half way home, and come back. Chris flew home and Jen and the kids will be here awhile longer. YIPPEE!!! We are so excited!
We decided to hit the California Living Museum on the supposed cooler day of the week.

Look at that adorable bunch of kids!

Nathan Turns 7!

Nathan turned 7 on  July 9th. Jonathan took the day off and we went to John's Incredible Pizza and then to see Despicable Me 2 movie, then home for brownie Sundaes. Yum!

blueberry muffins and bacon for breakfast

He chose to see it in 3D which was So cool, especially at the end during credit. Super cute movie!
Playing with the guns Sean and Serina gave Nathan
Make a Wish!

A couple gifts to open, and a calendar to check off the days before Disney Infinity comes out


Beach Time!

We met the Mattson's at the beach as they headed on their way back home.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

Okay it includes July 3rd too. The Mattson's were in California for the fourth, so we were able to spend some of the 3rd and a lot of the 4th with them in Tehachapi at my in-laws house.

Swimming together

Look at those teeth! Seth is 13 months now

Teresa and Seth playing in the pool

Nathan and Jared jumping on the trampoline.
They did their fair share of swimming too

A little Disney Universe

Here we are trying some of the interesting things they brought back from China.
Both Teresa and Jonathan tried the bugs.

She's trying a hard twisted bread of some sort.
They also had some different flavored Oreos that were delicious

Fireworks are illegal in Tehachapi so Jen picked up some party poppers.
They had a good time with them. The city puts on a nice firework show starting at 9pm.
We were able to see it from the front lawn.

Desi and Teresa


We get to go spend a little more time with the Mattson's on Monday. We're going to meet them at the beach before they start their trek back home.