Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Summer!!!

Yesterday was Teresa's last day of school. She has had a great year. She came home with straight A's. She was very excited, and we are very proud of her. Her GPA gradually got higher and higher over the year. She worked hard. And now on to 6th grade. Can you believe it!?!?

Here is Teresa with her 5th grade teacher (she wasn't happy we wanted a picture in her grubbies, but it was the last day)

Here she is the first day of 5th grade

We are both looking forward to next year. There are a lot of changes at her school, but we've recently found out they are not bad changes. We now know the 6th grade teachers and 2 of them are on site already. I have no doubt they are going to be good. We also have a male teacher(that will make 2 on campus) coming from another school who is awesome with the GATE 6th graders.
They had a track meet in the morning and so we let the little ones loose to play. Here is Roxy and Nathan running in a hula-hoop
We have the privilege of turtle sitting over summer. Teresa has wanted one and has been saving money for a turtle. So this was a perfect opportunity to see if it's really is something she wants. So far, the kids are fascinated by him.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bus Cake

This one was a challenge, but it still came out cute. Mostly thanks to a friend who sculpted those adorable little people :) This was for a retirement party for 3 custodian/bus drivers at Teresa's school

Monday, May 25, 2009

What's new?

Let's see what new pictures I have...

Here is Teresa at Rosemary's for their 5th grade honor roll lunch

Nathan and I were invited, just because I'm PTC, and we put it together for them. So here is Nathan with our sundae

I wanted to share this picture because I love Nathan's quirkiness. He is taking a nap with his "Cars Bay" "Cat Hat" and his book that he chose to read (this particular one is the kids dictionary). It's this way every day. I think it's so cute. The animal will vary, it was George for a long time and right now he's added Eeyore to the mix. It's a lot to carry. When he wakes up, it all comes with him

This one is sort of blurry, but I still thinks it's cute. They aren't always like this, so we have to capture when they are.

Love, Love, Love those kids!

Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary Saturday. Actually, he was recovering from the absolute BEST anniversary gift EVER(he got snipped) so we got pizza and a movie. It was really nice to stay in. My folks took the kids. At the end of June we have a trip planned for Cambria. I can't wait to hit the beach again.

I think that's all for now. School is out on Thurday and I have 2 cakes to do, so there'll be more later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Park

Jonathan's annual company picnic was this weekend at the Island Water park in Fresno. It was fun, and not too hot.

Teresa brought her friend Hannah. They didn't waste any time. First thing, they went and stood under the Huge bucket of water and got all wet.
They took Nathan on a few of the bigger slides in the little kid area

Teresa, Hannah and Jonathan went on some of the bigger slides
Nathan and I hung out at the little kid area, it was fun. He went down this little whale slide several times, but his favorite thing...
Just walking around so most of his body was in the water. It's not very deep so he has to squat as he walks. It was comical.
Teresa, Nathan and Hannah
Nathan took a nice little nap, on the table :)

It was a fun day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Basket of flowers cake

Kay and I did another cake together for the teacher who have birthdays in May. It came out pretty cute. I did the flowers a nd bees out of fondant. She baked the cakes and made the frosting, then we took turns doing the basket weaving, it isn't hard, but your hand starts to hurt, it was a 3 layer 10" round cake.

The 50's

Teresa's elementary school choir had a 50's themed concert last Thursday. It was so great to see the kids all dressed up and they did a super job with the songs. The concert was only 15 minutes long, nice and short. Unfortunately it will be her last concert until Junior High. They have had to cut music out of the schools :( I can't tell you how sad that makes me.

Right before the choir concert she had her last piano recital - for awhile anyway. She wants to continue the art lessons over summer. She just finished a kitten on canvas, it's very cute, I'll try and get a picture of it soon. We're so busy right now with end of school stuff, I can barely think straight.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pig Dissection

Teresa had the privilege of dissecting a baby pig today. She was so excited! I was the class photographer, it was very cool to be there and watch them dissect their pigs. They were in groups of 5 and each person was to take a turn with the scissors and removing a part of the pig. Teresa chose the heart. They did a great job!

They dove right in

Here she is cutting

And here she is with the heart, she wanted to take it home. I love her enthusiasm, but I had to put my foot down

Her whole group

I think it was a pretty unforgettable experience.

First Dentist Visit

Nathan had his first visit to the dentist. He was so great, I didn't even go back with him. He went galloping through the door when they called their names(it helps that Teresa had her appointment too). They just kept saying how great he was. I wish I could say there are no cavities, but that is not so. They both had one. We are banning sticky, chewy things.