Saturday, May 29, 2010

Perfect Day for a Ride

We went on a wonderful bike ride with my Dad, James and Amanda this morning. It was awesome! We loaded up the bikes and met across from Cal State. The idea was to ride to the Riverwalk Park and back. The day was PERFECT! I loved it. I hadn't been on the bike trail in over 15 years, since then they've paved it and planted trees along the path, as an added bonus, the river has water in it right now. I want to do it again - very soon! We just ordered Teresa a new bike(hers is too small), so we will definitely have to go again when she gets it.

Here are just a few picture

Taking a water/play break at the park

After we went to my folks for a yummy BBQ!

The Honor Roll Banquet

Teresa had her Honor Roll banquet yesterday during school. They hold it at the Double Tree, and invite parents to come for a buffet lunch. They show a slide show of the past years events, the student body Pres gives a speech and the teachers present the kids with certificates for being on the Honor Roll 3 or 4 quarters.

The place looked very nice, with Red White and Blue everywhere.

Teresa looked so pretty. Here she is with her certificate. She got Honor Roll all 4 quarters - come to think of it, she's always been on the honor roll. She's really hoping for straight A's this time, but we've never expected more than the best she can do. A's and B's are perfect in my book.

I used to think this event was overdone, but now that I've been there with my 6th grader, I see that it is a very special event. These kids work hard and really deserve something nice. I'm very proud of them. I think if they stick together, they will be just fine in 7th grade.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nathan's turn

I figured I'd post some Nathan stuff in between all the Teresa stuff.
But first I have to mention, today is their honor roll banquet at the Double Tree. Her and Hannah looked so nice this morning. I'll try and get a picture at the banquet.

Both the kids had eye appointments yesterday. This was Nathan's first, he was so funny. He had Teresa and I cracking up. First they did the little eye camera machine with the picture in the distance. The guy asked if he could see the balloon and then the car - and Nathan was concerned the car was going to pop the balloon. Then we went into the exam room. First they did the close up stuff, he couldn't read the very bottom line(I don't know who could). But he would ask Nathan what the pictures were and Nathan just kept saying it was "so tiny". The same thing happened when they did the far away stuff. Nathan would say "Come On" like, you can't really expect me to see that can you? The doctor thought he was so funny. This is not a shy boy!

This is what we hear around our house these days - all day long. Just recently "BINGO" has become an expression. If someone does something cool - he'll say "BINGO!"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cornball Olympics

Yesterday was Teresa's 6th grade Cornball Olympics. The had 12 "events" to compete in as teams. They all had to wear Greek Chitons or Togas. It was lots of fun. James was kind enough to watch Nathan so I could go help with the events. My event was music recognition, they had to guess 10 songs.

You can click on it, and see it in more detail

Teresa had a very specific idea as to how she wanted her outfit. She was in heaven, this kid loves to dress up. We were told she looked very authentic by her 4th grade teacher and one of the 6th grade teachers. Her team was the red Spartans, so, of course, they won!
I wasn't able to get many pictures, since I was running one of the events. But here is her team doing their cheer(which they won) and the fashion show

6th grade party

Tuesday was the 6th grade party at the park. They had such a great time, there was an inflatable obstacle course, egg toss, tug of war, potato sack races, Grilled Hots dogs for lunch and they brought water guns. So most of the kids were soaked, plus they had a raffle.

Nathan and I stayed so I could cut the cake for them, it had to feed 90 people (more of the cake of the cake blog).

He had a lot of fun playing on the toys with the big kids

Monday, May 24, 2010

Island Water Park

Paramount Farming rents the Island Water Park in Fresno for a company picnic. Each employee can bring up to 8 people. Since Sean works there too, we were able to bring Ty and Michelle, and Hannah, and Sean brought his family and his brother-in-laws family. It was a fun day! It started out pretty cold, but in the afternoon it wasn't too bad. On our way home we stopped at Sal's for the best Chile Verde :)
This is the kids area, Nathan is hanging on for dear life, he loved it though.
Hannah on the whale slide, everyone went on it, but the pictures were hard to get since I couldn't see the screen, it was too bright out :)

Here the boys are headed to the big slide - this year Ian and Nathan were tall enough to go on the big slides.
Hannah and Teresa - we were waiting for the girls turn to go on the big slide. We had to trade since Luke was too little

Here Nathan is warming up

Jonathan didn't want to get too much sun

Pictures of Sean, Serina and Ryan

Some pictures and Ty, Michelle, Ian and Luke

Time to go home

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Band Concert - 1 song

Teresa had a band concert this morning, here is the song the percussion's did - she is on the bells.

I love this...

The carrots

The cucumbers

The pumpkins

The green beans

The tomatoes

The cantaloupe

The strawberries

The Sunflowers

I love it all, it makes me so happy.

Can you guess what I got for Mother's Day? I LOVE IT!!!
I've worked really hard on our backyard it has a long way to go before it's done, but I'm happy with what I have right now. Being able to go out in the back and enjoy the weather is WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It begins...

Teresa has 12 days of school left and 1/2 of those days are fun days. Today was the first of many end of year activities. First she had her choir concert dress rehearsal. They put the concert on for the school. Tonight they'll do it for the parents. They did School House Rock. A teacher so graciously took on the responsibility to provide a musical outlet for the kids, since they couldn't afford to keep the choir teacher. They did a good job, and Teresa had a good time. She's looking forward to having choir again next year in Junior High, the fun thing is, it's the same teacher she had last year. Something familiar in an unfamiliar school :)

Right after that the 6th graders had their International Food Festival. They just completed their country reports and were asked to bring in a dish from their country. They had a lot of food there, Teresa said she was full by the time she was done. Teresa had Scotland, so we made some shortbread (so easy, and SO yummy!)

Here they are setting up
Teresa's cookies
Hannah and her cheese bread from Georgia

Teresa trying her food, Nathan got to taste a few things too

Hannah, Nathan and Teresa - so cute!