Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Party! (Warning: Lots of pictures)

My dad's work puts together an Easter party every year. It's really fun! This year it was held outside of the State Farm building. The weather was perfect! It was from 10:30 -1:30 and we were busy the whole time, some of it spent in lines but it wasn't bad.

There was an inflatable obstacle course, and an all-in-one, with bouncing, sliding and climbing

Easter Egg Gather for the little ones

Ben and Jerry's ice cream - YUM! (they fed us lunch too, hot dogs and nachos)

My mom and Nathan, he didn't like the squishy wet grass on his feet (the shoes were back by the inflatables)

Easter Egg Gather for the big ones

That's my dad

Frank Thurston the magician. The kids loved him.

Face painting - a kitty and a rocket

The Easter Bunny was even there

There was a bounce house for the smaller ones, but toward the end Teresa got to go in with Nathan

Frank Thurston made the best balloon creations I've ever seen.
Isn't that lady bug the cutest thing ever?! Nathan wanted a bunny. Very fitting
Thanks mom and dad for treating us to a fun afternoon!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Highlights of our week

We had a fun week!
The sun was out and it was warm. We spent a lot of time working in the backyard and garden and playing in the sandbox(Thurs. we planted over 50 flowers). But here are a few pictures of the other things we've done.
This is a monkey I made for the top of my dad's birthday cake (Tues). The cake was homemade spice cake with cream cheese frosting(YUM! My mouth is watering just thinking about it)

Here's a cute picture of Nathan in gym class

The weather was so nice Wednesday, we decided to wash the truck
Nathan was a big help, he stuck with it until the end

Thursday we packed a lunch and spent over 2 hours at the park.

He LOVES the swings. He wants to go high in the sky like a plane, is what he tells me.
Hannah, Brianna and Teresa wishing they could be at the park

Look at that cute boy!

Sat. was Luke's 1st Birthday Party!

Desi and Teresa playing air hockey(Nathan and Ian didn't stay still for more than 2 minutes)
Here is Ryan, he is getting so big(6months now)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doing Dishes

Nathan is in the kitchen and the water is running

Mom - "Nathan, what are you doing?"

Nathan - "Just doing dishes"

In his defense, he did wash the dishes, then he played with them. Sometimes, while "doing the dishes", he'll grab random things to see if they float. Ahh! The simple things.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is what I found when I went to feed the cats the other day...

We have so many funny moments around here, I wish I could share them all. Although, I'm sure they won't all be so funny or cute to you ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to do when the sun won't shine?!

We needed to play, I looked at all the various places to play indoors. Then decided it was going to be cheaper to have lunch at Del Taco - lunch and play, for less then playing someplace else.


This cracks me up, he puts his shoes and socks like this everytime we go play somewhere. It's his pattern.

It's always fun at Del Taco - and today the sun is out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


...those are my boots!
Nathan thinks it is hilarious to put our shoes on

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice Weekend!

It doesn't happen very often, but this weekend we had nothing going on. It was nice. We have a lot of busy weekends coming up, so I thought we should take advantage and do whatever we felt like doing.

Teresa brought out the swing hammock and the kids played for a bit until the wind picked up and it got cold. Teresa still went out after dark to read in the swing for a few minutes.

(I should note, she ended up moving the swing to a different branch so she wasn't sitting on the ground)

The kids are painting birdhouses. Teresa bought one last year with some money James and Amanda gave her for her birthday, but she hadn't painted it. They had a good time. They love to paint.

I LOVE, love, LOVE how they came out. They look so great in our backyard.

Look how tall I am!

He built this tower all by himself. At first it was just as tall as he is (3ft 5in). But he wanted it taller, so without any help from anyone or anything he made it this tall. I didn't see how he did it, but obviously he broke part of it off, added more, then put it back. It's fun to watch kids figure things out.

Nathan had the best time playing with the paper towels. If I don't get them put away quick enough he opens the package and plays - same with T.P. He would build tower after tower and knock them down.

Teresa and Nathan ended up using these for bowling. They were short one roll, so they grabbed the roll from the kitchen - that roll, ended up unwound all over the house. Nathan said he was making candyland.