Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Nathan's first grade field trip to CALM was yesterday. They didn't get a ton of  time there, but they had a really good time.

Hayden, Gage and Nathan were my group

Kalie, Aslin, Hayden, Gage and Nathan

The train ride

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Wizard of Oz

The kids have been working hard since January rehearsing for The Wizard Of Oz.
Here are some pictures from the performances this last weekend. Nathan said he had a really good time, but when asked today if he was going to do the next one he said no, maybe never again.

Nathan's costume and make-up. He's hunched over acting like a monkey
They have this tradition at Junior Theater, a gypsy robe. It's a robe they give to a deserving actor or actress, that person puts something personal from the show and opening night of the next show they pass it along to the next deserving actor. Teresa was so shocked and excited to get the robe this show. Part of the reason was because she was tech supervisor, basically she makes sure all the props and sets get on in the right order.

Teresa in her gypsy robes, there were two this time.
(Sometimes they run two shows at a time)

Teresa in her salon girl costume and her good friend Alex.
Alex was the stage manager for the show

Corissa, Teresa and Hannah as crows

Teresa was Dorothy's salon girl

Nathan as a flying Monkey

It was difficult to get a good pictures of them.
They were moving the whole time