Friday, December 21, 2012

Graham Crackers Houses Galore!

It has been a tradition at Rosedale North for the Kindergarten classes to make graham cracker houses. I don't know how many years they've been doing it, but at least 9(Teresa did it too).
I helped piped 80+ graham cracker houses. They were glued to small milk cartons, so they wouldn't collapse. Then each child was asked to bring in 2 bags of candy(to share) or something to decorate the house with and a tub of pre-made frosting. They had a great time, you should have seen some of these houses, you wouldn't have known there was a house under all the candy and pretzels and marshmallows. Nathan took the longest to make his and was very particular about what and where things went.

There were 3 tables like this

They made these cute little signs

Nathan is getting some snow added to his house

Look at that great looking house!
This all happened last Friday. This week was Santa Secret shop at school where the kids can bring money to buy gifts for friends and family. Yesterday Nathan's class did a gift exchange among the students and had some fun centers. Today was Jammie day and they watched Polar Express. Now he's out for 2 weeks - Yah!

Teresa had finals the last 3 days of this week. She spent all of last weekend working on a major project in English(it's a flip book, I'll see if video will post. She did a great job) and studying for finals. We're so proud of her. She got an A on all her finals except 1, in which she got a high B, still giving her an A in that class. We are so glad to be done for a couple weeks, it will go by so fast, but be nice!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend Full of Christmas

We got our tree and decorated it this last weekend, along with building our Graham Cracker Village
One of our new ornaments this year, obviously from Yosemite

Another from DC

Saturday evening Jonathan and I went to his Company party. We won the center piece again.
Sunday Ty, Michelle and the boys came over to build graham cracker houses.

The tower fell(sad face) You can also see Jonathan's igloo before
he put the "snow" on it

Our finished village. I helped Teresa recreate her Tangled Tower and I did the
carousel(you should see the construction required to get it to stay)
Ty and Michelle did the big Town Hall in the center

Teresa had her choir concert on Monday evening. They were wonderful, of course. It's been nice enjoying the festivities. I'm done shopping and almost done wrapping. It feels good and relaxing.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving - Good food and time off, can't go wrong there.

Here are some pictures of Nathan's feast at school. They dressed up and put on a program for the parents and then feasted.

JUST KIDDING - I have tried and tried again to upload pictures and no matter what I do it still thinks I'm full(I'm not) SO, if you want to view pictures go to Facebook

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

But first let's celebrate Scarecrow day with Nathan's class...

The morning was FULL of fun activities

Scarecrow Nathan

Nathan and I as scarecrows

A pumpkin relay race

Decorating a scarecrow cupcake - then eating it!

Our yard

Nathan was a vampire, Teresa a cat
A trip to grandpa's work
A little trick-or-treating with cousins

Monday, October 29, 2012

I know what you're thinking...

...another tooth? Yes, Nathan lost another tooth today(on the bottom). He currently has no loose teeth.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Pumpkins and a Skate Party

We finally carved our pumpkins. Now we know they'll last until Halloween.

AHH! Teresa's pumpkin is eating her hand!

Nathan did a lot of his pumpkin, the little eyes were too hard though

Wrapping his Mummy Pumpkin

All four all lit up(Nathan's, Teresa's, mine, and Jonathan's)

Nathan and I went to a Halloween skate party(I'm a bat)

Nathan's come a long way with skating

He was one of the costume contest winners
And it's not even Halloween yet...

(Wednesday is Scarecrow day at school - stay tuned)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Nathan's school had a Trunk-or-Treat Fall Fundraiser last night. It turned out great and everyone had a lot of fun.

Cupcakes for the cupcake walk
Thank you to Teresa and Alex who helped frost them.
We were crazy busy Friday, but we got everything done in time.

Cake I made for the winner of the best trunk

Our trunk and Indiana Jones handing out candy


The Kindergarten Cupcake walk - Teresa and Alex made the sign for me

Another game - knock the monsters head off with bean bags.
Nathan was so excited when he succeeded

Nathan got silly string from the door he chose

Bounce houses. I was in charge of all the games and bounce house volunteers
So I didn't get pictures of Teresa in her costume and
Teresa and Alex helping me run some of the games.
They were life savers, along with my parents

Nathan in his costume with a little fog in the background
(no, he's not wearing vampire teeth, no need)

I'll get better pictures of the costumes(including mine) on Halloween. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Field Trip

Nathan went on a field trip to the fire station today. They had a good time!

The first exciting part, riding on the bus

Here are the fire fighters shortly after we got there, looking at a call they got

Here they are leaving(The other engine had already gone on an emergency)

So, off to the park to play in hopes the firefighters got back in time

Which they did and the kids were able to get the full tour

Pretending to drive the fire truck

The whole class plus the 3 firefighters who gave the tour

After school Nathan was treated to McDonald's for
great performance in class this first quarter(top of the class)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Pictures

Just a few random pictures from my "take anywhere" camera.

Nathan and Owen reading together

Isn't that the cutest spider you've ever seen?

Some jack-o-lantern cookies Nathan and I made for
Family Reading night at his school

Nathan reading me a  book by flashlight at the Family Reading Night