Sunday, May 29, 2011


Nathan loved t-ball so much last year he asked to do it again this year. So we've been playing t-ball on Saturdays for several weeks. We're on our second session now. He's a pretty good player. This is just tot-t-ball, where mom's and dad's are out there helping too. Next year, if he's interested he'll play without me. Here are some pictures Teresa took from last week.

Seussical the Musical

Teresa was in the school play. They have been rehearsing since March, and it showed. The play was amazing! We loved it. And Teresa had such a good time, she's doing Sleeping Beauty this summer through the Recreation and Parks Junior Theater.(looks like we'll be busy the first half of summer)
I don't have any pictures of the performance, but here are some during rehearsal one day. Teresa and Hannah were Who's from Whoville

The backdrop

Can you see Teresa and Hannah?

Hannah, Nathan and Teresa after the show on Thursday. I helped Nathan make the girls flowers
Friday after the play they had a cast party. I made these two cakes for the party. One if the cat's hat, the other is a title cake with all the kids names on it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenan and Stacey's Wedding

Here we are, all dressed up and ready to go
This was a wedding to remember. The theme was " A night in Metropolis" Yes, Superman! Nathan was the ring bearer. He had the best time, we all did! They had so many little details keeping with the theme.  
This is the brief case and glasses Nathan used as his disguise. The ring pillow was inside

They had a photo guest book that Teresa helped with. You could dress up if you wanted :)

The cake was so pretty, and super delicious, with just a touch of superman

No explanation needed. One of the coolest grooms rings I've seen

Here is Nathan in action. After the best man took the rings, he handed the
 briefcase to Kenan's mom. He then walked back to face the guests,
 ripped open his shirt(that had velcro on it) , spread his arms and took
off down the aisle. It was awesome! He did a great job.

Ring bearer, Nathan and Flower girl, Lily walking down the isle.
She wanted to marry him.

The wedding party and family

Nathan and Kenan(the groom)

Lily was so cute
Here they are being so sweet to each other.
If you look close you can see the stone
Kenan had put down, in front of the fountain
The happy Bride and Groom
Yes, he's pulling a hanky out of her dress ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to Utah

The main reason for our trip was a wedding. Our friends, Kenan and Stacey got married on Thursday, but that will have to be a seperate post. Here are some photos of the other things we did while we were there. We stayed with my Aunt Nedra, who is amazing, we had a great time visiting and she took us to lunch at  The Pie - no pictures because we were way to busy eating our delicious pizza. The best I've had(there, I said it!) That night we went to John and Emily's gallery, which was really cool. And then to their house for dinner. No pics again, because, well, we were having too much fun ;) Nathan needed a serious scrub that night.

The kids "helping" Nedra make some sinfully delicious mint brownies

Saturday we took the kids to the Gateway Mall, had lunch, played some games at the Tilt and then explored the Planetarium.

There was a scale you could step on and it
would tell you what you might way on different planets

Lots of info about all the planets

Nathan taking a walk on the moon

A stop on Mars, Nathan is pretending to put a flag up

Sat. evening was a little family get together. Here are the cousins

Yes, they're all crazy!

We had a nice time visiting with everyone we could. Time was limited, it seems it always is. We'll catch the rest of you next time around.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Edible Book Fair

You might remember, earlier this year, Teresa and Hannah made an edible book for an event at the bookstore. This time is was for Open house at the Jr High, a fundraiser. The cakes were silent auctioned(and someone bought Teresa's). There were a lot of great cakes. I have to tell you, she had so little time to do this. The poor girl is so busy. She is in the school play, (which we got to see a sneak peek of, it was AWESOME! If you live close, you should come see it May 26th and 27th - $3 at FMS) and they have play practice everyday until 4:30 or 5pm. On Wednesdays that's a 3 hour rehearsal. That doesn't leave much room for homework AND extra stuff. But she managed and she will continue to manage. We're heading to Utah on Wed. for Kenan's wedding, and I think she will welcome the break from everything :) Teresa and her friend Alex chose to do Green Eggs and Ham. They did a great job. Because of lack of time, I baked the cake, frosted it and lay the top fondant for them. Basically I gave them a canvas and they worked their magic.

What's Up?

This is what happens when you ask an imaginative 4 1/2 year old to put the toilet paper in the bathroom

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teachers, we appreciate you!

Goodie bags we made for Teresa's teachers

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Visiting Owen

We saw James and Amanda too :)

Here are some pictures
Nathan with the books we gave Owen. We each chose a favorite. Mine was a Sandra Boynton book - "The going to bed book". Teresa chose a golden book, "The Pokey Little Puppy". And Nathan chose "Guess How Much I Love You!"
The cousins

Jonathan took this one of me holding Owen. He is one sleepy boy!

He has some great expressions

Daddy giving him a bottle.