Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disneyland and More

Nathan and I had the chance to go to Disneyland with the Titan choir last weekend. We had so much fun!
The Frontier Choirs did great, won 3 trophies at a wonderful ceremony in the park. Poor Teresa was sick, but she didn't let that slow her down too much, she did pay for it later though.

Advanced Women's Choir performing at the festival in Placentia, CA.
After this they went to the hotel and then to Medieval Times

Saturday morning at Downtown Disney
 Our first stop was to find a baseball cap with ears for Nathan. It's the one thing he wanted to look for.
We met up with Teresa and her friends to ride the Haunted mansion, unfortunately it broke down.
We hit the Jungle Cruise instead(and  got a map)

Jedi Training, another must for the day

Autopia, Nathan couldn't wait to drive a car. We stopped and got his license on our way out.

Toad Ride

Nathan got to "drive the Mark Twain boat. Here he is signing the guest book

Driving the boat

Ringing the bell and tooting the horn

Cute little performance before the awards ceremony in the park

 Sunday morning we headed to California Adventures for awhile. This time it was just me and Nathan, we didn't meet up with anyone else until the end of the day for food and shopping :)

Nathan won Dumbo at the boardwalk game in California Adventure.
He actually won a Mickey Mouse and 2 little stuffed animals as well.
He gave the Mickey away, since he already had it at home.

We did the wilderness explorer stuff.
They had markers to complete different activities and then you scratched off to see your badge.
At the end you could get a senior Wilderness Explorer sticker. Nathan had lots of fun here.

Rock Climbing, horizontally

Nathan and I rode Goofy's sky school.
This ride is a little above my roller coaster limit, to give you an idea.
Nathan said this was the BEST RIDE EVER!

Here we are doing the Jelly Fish Drop
After some delicious lunch and some shopping we headed back to Bakersfield, exhausted.