Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Graham Cracker Village

I finally had time this morning for a little blog update. I figured I'd better get it done before more fun stuff needs to be blogged about.

We got together this last weekend for our traditional graham cracker village creation

Teresa and I worked on the Up house together

Nathan wanted a tall roof on his this year
This is Ty's masterpiece - no really, it's a theater. Cool huh?

This is Serina's, she didn't get a chance to finish decorating it, so I helped her out

This is Ryan's




The whole thing. There weren't as many this year

Our UP house, with snow

Teresa made a Snipe and a hose, so cute!

Then we opened gifts. The girls in their tutu's

The boys with their hobby horses (I had the best time making these)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let's catch up a lil'

Here's a little Thanksgiving fun. Nathan won tic-tac-toe

One of the many holiday projects

Nathan decorating the tree

Teresa and Jazzi decorating the tree -
 yes, she made the cat help

And the finished product.
They did a great job!
The kitty keeps trying to undo it.

A little time with Owen

There have been lots of germs too. One week Teresa had no voice, last week it was me - still recovering. Does this mean we'll be good for Christmas?!
We have a fun week ahead of us.
Teresa's Choir concert
Santa visit
Cookies with Grandma
Company Party(just the mom and dad)
Graham Cracker village creation