Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teresa's Birthday!

Can you believe she's 14?! Yup, it's true, and if you were a fly on the wall at my house, you'd say, yup, definitely 14 ;) But not in a bad way, she just spends a lot of time texting on her phone.

Teresa's friend party was with 4 of her closest friends. They had a slumber party and I think they had a good time. They made their own pizzas, talked, sang, watched 2 movies out in the back with Ty and Michelle's old projector(thanks!) talked some more, ate brownie sundaes, sang, did i mention talk? Oh and somewhere in there I think they slept, for a few hours anyway( I think I have a pic to prove it)

The theme was Owls. I made these owl goody bags with snacks for the evening.
Teresa said they needed tiaras, Nathan decided they should go on the bags
I made these owl pillows for all the girls(plus a medium sized one for Nathan)
Pattern Here

They were just so much fun we decided even the cousins should get one,
so I made another 12 mini owls. Teresa helped sew them up.
Here they are with their pillows
(which were their favorite colors and had the right color eyes) and tiaras.
Hannah, Alex, Teresa, Theresa and Karina


Traditional birthday breakfast eaten on the birthday plate with a candle

Later that day the family came for cake and ice cream

I saw this cute owl and had to make it

Teresa got some fun stuff! Her family and friends really know her.
She got her gift from us awhile ago - a Droid Phone.

Caitlin and Ryan playing

The boys having a snack


Ryan - I love this picture

Make a wish!

Coming up in the next 2 weeks: A Family Reunion and a 6th Birthday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

T-ball Games

Nathan had t-ball practice twice a week for 4 weeks and now they have 2 games a week. They look pretty cute out there in their hats and shirts. It's fun to watch all the kids play. They don't keep score and they don't get out. They get the ball pitched to them 4-5 times, then they use the T.

Getting ready to bat

Nathan hitting a ball that was pitched to him

Coach Joe helping Nathan line up the bat with the T

Monday, June 4, 2012

8th Grade Graduation!!!

Can you believe it!

That morning we had four girls crammed in our little bathroom helping each other with their hair. It was cute! At one point there were 5 of us, I was braiding Alex's hair, she was braiding Teresa's and Hannah was curling Theresa's

Then we were off to graduation - I never got any good pictures of Teresa in her beautiful dress. I'll have to get some later. I had a lot going on. I was the one who put together their 8th grade Grad party that afternoon.

Teresa getting her diploma

Teresa and Theresa

Teresa and Corissa (Hannah snuck away quick - so no pick until party)

Some friends at the dance - Yes they are wearing capes that they
all got from Magic Mountain on the 30th

The dance was cruise ship themed. It was fun!

Nathan again!

Thursday was park day for Nathan's class - but first... He got to silly string the principal. He brought in over 300 box tops for the school, winning him this chance.

There were three from the k classes

Ready! Set! Go!
 After the silly stringing, Nathan and I met the class at the park. Lots of playing on the playground...

Some parachute fun...
Water balloon toss

And of course, popsicles to end the very hot day!

Beach Day with the TK class

Nathan's class had a super fun waterish day on May 30th. Usually when I would help in the class I would run a center, and each child would come visit me with their group. Wednesday, I had a group of kids and we walked from station to station. The kids loved it! (even washing the chairs)

Exercise Station

Fishing for Words (plastic fish with words on them)

Playing pretend - Nathan is searching a pirate map

Rainbow Fish coloring page

Playing and measuring water - It's amazing the things that entertain kids

This was Humphrey the whale - we all climbed inside and read a story

Washing the chairs

Bowling and Rings

BUBBLES!!! This was one of their favorites

Lots of fun stuff!

Nathan's school program

Nathan's class has been working on a program for awhile now. One they would perform for the parents on the last day of school - June 1st. Unfortunately, we weren't going to be able to make it on June 1st due to Teresa's 8th grade graduation at the same time. So I snuck in to watch one of their practices.
This is just one of the songs they sang. I didn't think you wanted to watch the whole program ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I have so many things to tell you about. We're going to start with Teresa's Play - The Junior High did Beauty and the Beast. They did a WONDERFUL job. All together they performed the play 5 times - 3 morning shows and 2 evening shows. Teresa blew me away with her big sound during her solos. She was really the only one without a mic that you could hear. I was so proud!

Teresa just after one of her solos - "Now it's no wonder that her name means
beauty, her looks have got no parallel"

Hannah and Teresa

Hannah-Babette(out of costume) Teresa - An aristocratic Lady and Alex was a cheese Grater

I should add that Teresa made it into the Advanced Women's Choir at Fronitier HS! Only 5 kids made it in. She was SO excited! She found out almost 2 weeks ago and she's still talking about it. We are very proud of her.