Monday, November 9, 2009

Queen of the Jungle

Teresa was recognized at school on Friday for her reading. They have an A.R. program where they set goals and read books and take tests. The points they get depends on how well they do on the test and the size of the book. A Harry Potter book is going to give you over 20 points and a small Dr. Seuss book is usually .5 points. So Teresa had 173 points for the first quarter and got 100% on all her tests she took. Which means her comprehension is awesome ;) She's always been a good reader, and she's always loved books. I have to tell her to stop reading. Some nights I go in to check on her and she is on the floor reading by the night-light. This is after I have put her to bed and given her time to read. Right now she is loving real event books. There is a series of books that are called diaries. They take real encounters and stories from events. Right now she's reading one about the Titanic, before it was Pearl Harbor and the Gold Rush. She's also started Little Britches and Jane Eyre, but those aren't going to give her credit for AR, so she has to put them down for now - sad huh!? Oh and she is finishing the Lemony Snicket books. There are 13 total, I think she's on 10. They are a good quick read - a break from the higher level books.

This is Teresa with her teacher, Mrs. Plotner.

She gets her name and picture on the board at school and credit toward another star to go on her letter . They also had a nice little gift pack for the kids this time. She got a movie and some goodies.

Oh, I should explain the Queen of the Jungle thing. They have a theme every year and this year it is Wild about Books. So the kids who were recognized were either King or Queens of the Jungle.


Serina said...

Good job Teresa!

Orenda said...

Way to go, Teresa!

Jen said...

I was just thinking about Teresa and her love for reading as the book I just finished is about loving books. Sometimes I wish she were a little older so that she could read all of the same books I'm reading and we could chat about them. She needs to wait a few years for this one though. Tell her to e-mail me or call when she's done with Little Britches and Jane Eyre.