Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Teresa is studying Egypt in school right now. They've had a lot of fun little project they've done. They painted scarabs on rocks, drew hieroglyphs, and mummified a barbie. The next step was making a sarcophagus for the mummy.
This is Teresa's, she used salt dough on top of a shoe box covered in some fabric we had that looked like stone. Then she painted it. They had to put things in the sarcophagus, so she made a few things and went through her "collection" to add lucky charms.

(Her "collection" is stuff she finds, ever since she was very small she has collected - well, anything. It was mostly full of sticks and rocks in the beginning, but now she has charms and stones and beads and buttons, string, anything she finds, it goes in her collection)

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Jen said...

That is so cool, I might have to steal this idea too. I love that Teresa is a couple years ahead, and so creative.