Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice Weekend!

It doesn't happen very often, but this weekend we had nothing going on. It was nice. We have a lot of busy weekends coming up, so I thought we should take advantage and do whatever we felt like doing.

Teresa brought out the swing hammock and the kids played for a bit until the wind picked up and it got cold. Teresa still went out after dark to read in the swing for a few minutes.

(I should note, she ended up moving the swing to a different branch so she wasn't sitting on the ground)

The kids are painting birdhouses. Teresa bought one last year with some money James and Amanda gave her for her birthday, but she hadn't painted it. They had a good time. They love to paint.

I LOVE, love, LOVE how they came out. They look so great in our backyard.


Dad said...

Wow! the birdhouses look pretty cool.

Orenda said...

Those bird houses are cute...Ian made one at my parents' house a couple weeks ago, but we haven't put it up yet

Hansen Household said...

What a fun weekend. Spring is on its way. =) I love the bird houses they are so cute

Jen said...

I love the last two creative posts. Whether paint or paper towels, kids are just amazing.