Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents day

It was grandparent's day yesterday. I asked Teresa what she wanted to do, and she immediately responded with - make them a meal! So she did. She made meatloaf, homemade bread and salad (the good kind with all the yummy fixings)

Here she is making the bread, I was supposed to get a picture of her forming the loaves, but I forgot.

Nathan made dessert - Banana Cream Pie. He was so excited to be slicing the bananas, then stirring the bananas in the pudding

This was one of our fun things for today. After we talked about the letter G, made a paper bag puppet giraffe and practiced writing, oh and danced. He thinks it's hilarious to pretend he's been turned into paper. So funny! It's been a fun day, and it's not over yet.


Dad aka Evan aka Uncle aka Grandpa said...

A fun day and a good meal!

Anonymous said...

I gotta get me some of that homemade food action! And Nathan cracks me up...