Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We love the sun

What can I say we love the beach, it doesn't matter the season. We headed over to Cambria on Sunday. It was so nice there. Not even the usual morning fog at the beach. Perfect! We saw the Elephant seals and their pups, and then we walked the beach and checked out the tide pool. It was a lot of fun. After all of us being sick the last 2 weeks, it was great to get out of town and do something fun
Flicking sand

Teresa took this one

Fried Calamari


Adam and Jana said...

These are great pictures! Not being able to go to the beach for the day is one of the things that makes living in Utah so sad! Beach= great family times!

Jen said...

So jealous, I spent some time yesterday looking at a travel magazine dreaming about the beach and the sun. Teresa doesn't look too sure about that calamari. Funny.

llcall said...

Wow...you guys even make it to the beach in the winter! What awesome parents :)