Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The kids these days

A few clips of Nathan in the new gym class,Boys Level 1. They focus on very different things. He's been in it for about 3 months now. He's taking swim now too, he's doing a great job. Jumping off the side and swimming and floating on his back and then swimming to the edge. I plan to try and get some video of that. He's getting a private lesson, it's great! I don't pay that price, it's just that no one else has signed up. Definitely the time to take swimming lessons. We've been busy around the house this last month, but we still squeeze in the fun stuff.

Teresa did well second quarter, it was much harder, so a B in Math, but still great. She had a great compliment from her Language Arts teacher on one of her writing assignments. She has a great couple weeks ahead. She tries out for the school play tomorrow, has a fun field trip to USC and the Natural History museum on Thursday and a week from Friday there is a Valentines dance at school. :) I doubt I'll get any pictures of these, but maybe I'll have her post some pictures if she remembers to take some.
Teresa painted this lovely picture of a Red Panda for me for my birthday (I got a Kindle too :o - I love it!)


Jen said...

Oh, I love the red panda. Funny, my friend in high school just did a red panda for her art class. It must be the thing right now. Nice job Teresa and Nathan is adorable as always.

Amanda said...

My favorite part of Nathan's class--clapping for himself when he's done! So cute. He is one strong kid!