Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantastic Spring Weekend!

Saturday we took a picnic lunch to the park and played. That evening we grilled burgers over charcoal  - yum! And then roasted marshmallows. The weather was so nice, we just couldn't get enough of it. We hung out in the back playing with the cat and in the sandbox while the burgers cooked.

Jonathan and I had already planned a day trip for Sunday, just the two of us. We were hoping to hit Sequoia, but there was too much snow to go too far into the park. So after much searching we found two little spots in Santa Clarita we could try. The William S Hart Park was so nice, and the weather was perfect. We toured his house and walked about a bit. After lunch we headed to a canyon to do some hiking. There was a little nature center with some live animals and some stuffed ones to show you what you might find in the area. There were several different trails, some easier than others. We chose the trail that followed the creek. With the wind rustling through the trees and the sound of the creek, it was such a fun relaxing day. We didn't do anything too tough(although, I am a little sore today). We ended our wonderful day with a delicious meal at Claim Jumper. It turned out to be a perfect day!

Part of William S Hart's house. He was an actor in silent western films. The house was full of interesting things

This was outside the house on our way back down to the park area. Which was also very nice

This is part of the trail in the canyon
This picture doesn't do it justice, it was so pretty up there

A little part of the creek. I believe if we had hiked more we would have seen water falls. But it was getting late, so we turned back
Thanks to my parents who were so willing to watch the kids all day. We might have to do this more often. Everyone had a good time.


~Elizabeth said...

oh wow. I'll have to look into this area for future adventures!

Jen said...

So jealous, we were trying to get Chris' parents to watch the kids this weekend, but alas, they have to work. I wish they would retire already! Looks like you guys had a great time and wonderful weather.