Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Trip Part 1

Thursday we loaded our stuff and headed to Hollywood for lunch and a little walk around Hollywood and Highland.

Chillin' with her Jamba Juice

Nathan is finding Waldo

I really love this mall
Now on to our destination - San Diego!
A HUGE thank you to my cousin, Jessica, for the tips about Sea World and the amazing discounts. And another HUGE thanks to my Aunt Kathy and Uncle John, for allowing us to crash at their house. We had a really great time!
This trip has been planned for a year, we heard about a huge sandcastle event in Imperial Beach and thought it would be really cool to see this year. Pair that with a trip to Sea World and you have a pretty good vacation.
So Friday was Sea World -

This is Lance the "special" Sea Lion. He is a rescue, here he's doing barrel rolls for us

The Blue Horizon's dolphin show. The story is cheesy, but the dolphins were very cool

The Pet show. This was SO cute, don't miss this if you go.

Mmm! Strawberries.
We ate at the same place we took Teresa 9 years ago, and had strawberries

Teresa feeding and petting a dolphin, her name was Dotty.
Nathan and I did it too, but those pictures are on a different camera.
I might get around to posting more ;)

Watching the killer whales

The Sean Lion and Otter show, another one not to miss.
The pre-show was hilarious too

The long awaited penguins. Nathan was anxious to see the penguins

This is in the Sesame Street Bay at Play area,
Nathan and I climbed in rope hammocks to the top and then played around
while we waited for daddy and sissy, they were doing the sky tower 
We had a great day, saw everything we wanted to, and made it back by dark. We still had the weekend ahead of us, so we needed to rest up.


Debbie Pasquini said...

Great photos, Jolene! Looks like you guys had a blast.

Jen said...

We also loved the pets show and the sea lion show, but thought the dolphin one was cheesy, funny, similar shows even though they are on opposite sides of the country.