Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Brithday to my Mom

Saturday was my mom's birthday! But before that Nathan had a friends party at Pump it Up. What a fun day! No pictures from the party, I took the opportunity to rest, since I had made 2 birthday cakes that morning.
I was actually quite a slacker as far as pictures go. My brother, John, and nephew, Aidan, flew in from Utah on Friday and were here the whole weekend. It was really great to see them and hang out.

On to the few pictures I did take.

I made this lemon cake for everyone and decorated it nice.
I don't usually get to decorate a cake for my mom because it has to be sugar free
and up until now I didn't have a good sugar free frosting that would hold up to decorating

But as you can see, this new recipe was wonderful.
Can you believe I used the same violet food coloring on both cakes?
 It's a SF spice cake with cream cheese frosting
 (3 pcks cream cheese, one tub of cool whip and splenda)
Make a wish!

Sunday was another party for one of Nathan's friends. This one was seriously themed Mario - everything, it was awesome!
Then more hanging out, food and games at my folks. This time minus James and Amanda who were sick with the stomach flu

Monday morning brought us the stomach flu - luckily it's just a 24 hour thing, so Teresa is on about hour 20, Nathan is about 13 hours in. Now let's just hope it ends there.

Here they are watching Brother Bear Tues. Morning

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