Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sneak Peak

This is what we did Saturday morning...

Nathan helped me paint over the pale yellow with a nice gray.
I was surprised how much we were able to get done.(love the color)

I ordered this super fun vinyl sticker

And here is his new bedding. He's had his bedding for
awhile now. The new  bed and bedding were the first steps
to a new room for Nathan.
Can you guess the theme?
It will take us a little more time to finish it. I'll do another post when it's all done. But so far, we love it!


llcall said...

I can see some Superman color/elements, but I am pretty challenged in the comics/superhero category so I may be way off. Either way, it's looking good!

Jo said...

We went generic comic style super hero stuff. That way we can add any super hero stuff to it. Teresa is almost done with some art for the room. I will post as soon as it's done