Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

Okay it includes July 3rd too. The Mattson's were in California for the fourth, so we were able to spend some of the 3rd and a lot of the 4th with them in Tehachapi at my in-laws house.

Swimming together

Look at those teeth! Seth is 13 months now

Teresa and Seth playing in the pool

Nathan and Jared jumping on the trampoline.
They did their fair share of swimming too

A little Disney Universe

Here we are trying some of the interesting things they brought back from China.
Both Teresa and Jonathan tried the bugs.

She's trying a hard twisted bread of some sort.
They also had some different flavored Oreos that were delicious

Fireworks are illegal in Tehachapi so Jen picked up some party poppers.
They had a good time with them. The city puts on a nice firework show starting at 9pm.
We were able to see it from the front lawn.

Desi and Teresa


We get to go spend a little more time with the Mattson's on Monday. We're going to meet them at the beach before they start their trek back home.

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