Sunday, November 10, 2013

October Update(in November)

It was a busy and fun month...
Ian's Fall Festival

Racing ducks

Then Nathan's Trunk-or-Treat Fall Carnival

Luke was Iron Man, Ian was Captain America and Nathan was
Steve from Minecraft in diamond armor

The next day we went to Boo at the Zoo at CALM.
Teresa is a wood elf and I am a fairy godmother

Jonathan and the bear are bonding

miniature batman

That night it was spooky dinner time. We all did a part of it.
Jonathan made these apple mouths. In the back ground you might be able to see some pretzel
fingers that Teresa and Jonathan made

Nathan and I made some corn

Teresa and Nathan made some hot dog mummies

I made a meatloaf hand

Teresa made some roadkill on a stick

Nathan cleaning out his pumpkin, actually, that might be mine he's cleaning out.
Once I scrapped it clean, he liked pulling all the guts out

Teresa is carving her pumpkin

Nathan's vampire jack, my monster jack and Teresa's window scene.
Nathan had very little help with his carving

Halloween dinner
And these are just the things we have pictures of. Teresa had her first choir concert, and it was wonderful. I'm part of the choir booster club, so that's keeps me busy. We've had 3 fundraisers so far and I've been a major part of two of them. It keeps me pretty busy. Things should be a little slower now, I was also a major part of the Fall Carnival at Nathan's school. It sure is fun though, I lOVE fall and Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

Great costumes! You guys go all out for Halloween...we still have a pumpkin sitting on our counter that Addison has been begging us to paint since the day before Halloween. Do you think we'll get to it before Christmas? :)