Thursday, May 14, 2015


Yes, the second graders have brought back the dinosaurs! Nathan chose the velociraptor to do a report and model on. He did a great job! He had a vision, and I just helped him figure out what would work best. Most of his dino is paper mache.
A small balloon for the head and then a bigger balloon for the body.

It's all coming together now
Here is the finished product, he wanted lots of feathers
And now at Open House on display with his report, some bones, and a
little paleontologist, Nathan

I had to add these next two photos as well. We were at a birthday party and Nathan spun that wheel and won 1000 tickets. He was very excited! He was also pretty excited to be tall enough to drive the big go karts :)

Aren't these two so cute! This is after our fantastic Mother's Day at Marvel Universe Live 

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