Monday, October 27, 2008

Course 2 Cake

I like it, it came out cute. The basket weave isn't nearly as hard as it looked. It does require some practice to make it look awesome, but the basics aren't hard.I don't have a lot of skill in flower arranging, but that too will come with practice.

I found a new recipe for frosting too, it isn't nearly as greasy as
the other stuff I was using. I need to play with the consistency a bit.
I added water and it was still a little too stiff.

On to course 3 :) Fondant and tiered cakes.

(so much cake, must resist! This cake is dark chocolate fudge with mint frosting, I don't know if I can resist that)


Michelle said...

The cake turned out really cute!!

Jen said...

Wow, again. I think you could really make something of this cake decorating thing, you're really good.