Monday, May 25, 2009

What's new?

Let's see what new pictures I have...

Here is Teresa at Rosemary's for their 5th grade honor roll lunch

Nathan and I were invited, just because I'm PTC, and we put it together for them. So here is Nathan with our sundae

I wanted to share this picture because I love Nathan's quirkiness. He is taking a nap with his "Cars Bay" "Cat Hat" and his book that he chose to read (this particular one is the kids dictionary). It's this way every day. I think it's so cute. The animal will vary, it was George for a long time and right now he's added Eeyore to the mix. It's a lot to carry. When he wakes up, it all comes with him

This one is sort of blurry, but I still thinks it's cute. They aren't always like this, so we have to capture when they are.

Love, Love, Love those kids!

Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary Saturday. Actually, he was recovering from the absolute BEST anniversary gift EVER(he got snipped) so we got pizza and a movie. It was really nice to stay in. My folks took the kids. At the end of June we have a trip planned for Cambria. I can't wait to hit the beach again.

I think that's all for now. School is out on Thurday and I have 2 cakes to do, so there'll be more later.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. We'll be out in Morro Bay/San Simeon area at the end of June too. Maybe we'll run into eachother.

mnlop said...

Wow, you guys have indeed been busy! It was fun reading all your posts. Those two kids are adorable.