Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pig Dissection

Teresa had the privilege of dissecting a baby pig today. She was so excited! I was the class photographer, it was very cool to be there and watch them dissect their pigs. They were in groups of 5 and each person was to take a turn with the scissors and removing a part of the pig. Teresa chose the heart. They did a great job!

They dove right in

Here she is cutting

And here she is with the heart, she wanted to take it home. I love her enthusiasm, but I had to put my foot down

Her whole group

I think it was a pretty unforgettable experience.


Anonymous said...

Definitely unforgettable

Jen said...

I'm so proud. A first dissection is almost as good as a first kiss. And why not take the heart home, my jewlery box as a kid was full of things like shark's teeth, chunk's of cowlick salt, and the bones of mice taken from owl pellets. I wish I could've been there.