Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

It was a very nice weekend.
First, we made donuts and sausage for breakfast on Saturday. They were yummy, so bad for us, but yummy.

Then we went to Ventura Beach for the day. Oh, Jonathan's gift was a new beach chair. It was super cold and windy when we first got there, but it didn't take long to warm up. As you can see we love to play in the sand. We didn't do any swimming, but we played in the water a little bit. The beach we usually go to has rip tides now :(

The kids are chasing the birds

We dug 2 deep holes and then a tunnel

Nathan colapsed the bridge with his face, mouth open. He had sand EVERYWHERE, mouth, ears, nose, luckily he closed his eyes.
The kids always want to be buried in the sand

A little fun in the water

Sunday I spent the morning baking cookies and preparing lunch to take to Tehachapi. Ty and Michelle came with us and we had lunch with John and Mary. It was really nice.

This is the kids being funny on our way home from Tehachapi

After that we headed to my folks house for dinner and visiting.

All in all a great weekend. Now on to the next event - Teresa's birthday on Wed. and Party on Sat.


Jen said...

Ohhh! I so want to go to the beach. Last week in July can't come soon enough. Looks like so much fun!

Orenda said...

Teresa's swimsuit is so cute!

OracLe said...

The cookies were sooo good! Not kidding at all, I think I had at least 10 of them.