Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last week

Jonathan was gone for 3 days last week for his grandfather's funeral. We are SO glad he's home. The kids made a fun Welcome Home picture on the walk outside

Just a few pictures -
Teresa didn't want to kill the tomato worm, so we just moved it to the front yard

(They are so ugly! But nice picture, Teresa)

Teresa and I painted our toes and watched a movie late one night. The next morning Nathan decided he needed blue toes. He did a good job and only got a tiny bit on the kitchen floor

Thursday we got to watch Ayda for awhile. I put both little kids in the bike trailer and we went to the park. It was really fun, we all had a good time.
Nathan could swing all afternoon and be so happy


Anonymous said...

oh, i'm sooo jealous you got to spend the afternoon with 3 adorable kids, including my niece!!! i gotta move to bakersfield :)

Jen said...

Love the blue toes! I wonder if the tomato worm will find his way back to the tomato plant.