Monday, December 14, 2009

Graham Cracker Village '09

First, I'd like to show you the past villages/houses from the first to the most recent.

We started doing it in 2002, just the 3 of us in the apartment.

In 2003 Teresa and I did one in Kindergarten

Then in 2004 we went to Texas for Christmas, so we did some houses with the Mattson's

I believe 2005 was when Kenan came for Christmas, so we invited everyone over to help. Sean, Serina, Ty and Michelle.

Here's 2006

In 2007 I made a backdrop for the village.

In 2008 the little boys were able to help and we were much to big to use the backdrop.

Here is this years village. We have so many we have to prop some up so they can all be seen. I'm not sure what we'll do next year when Ryan and Luke might be ready to help :)

The cottage in the front left is Serina's. Then right behind that is Ian's and behind that is Jonathan's skyscraper. In the very back is my lighthouse and right in front of that is Ty's majestic building. In front of that is Michelle's star fountain. Nathan's little house is in the front right, and Teresa's building is behind that. We had a great time, and to make the day better, dinner turned out delicious.

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Jen said...

I've always liked Ty's airplane, but Jonathan's skyscraper beats all - impressive. They are all pretty amazing this year, they seem to get bigger and better.