Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to Utah

The main reason for our trip was a wedding. Our friends, Kenan and Stacey got married on Thursday, but that will have to be a seperate post. Here are some photos of the other things we did while we were there. We stayed with my Aunt Nedra, who is amazing, we had a great time visiting and she took us to lunch at  The Pie - no pictures because we were way to busy eating our delicious pizza. The best I've had(there, I said it!) That night we went to John and Emily's gallery, which was really cool. And then to their house for dinner. No pics again, because, well, we were having too much fun ;) Nathan needed a serious scrub that night.

The kids "helping" Nedra make some sinfully delicious mint brownies

Saturday we took the kids to the Gateway Mall, had lunch, played some games at the Tilt and then explored the Planetarium.

There was a scale you could step on and it
would tell you what you might way on different planets

Lots of info about all the planets

Nathan taking a walk on the moon

A stop on Mars, Nathan is pretending to put a flag up

Sat. evening was a little family get together. Here are the cousins

Yes, they're all crazy!

We had a nice time visiting with everyone we could. Time was limited, it seems it always is. We'll catch the rest of you next time around.


llcall said...

It must have killed your mom to miss out on that many of her grandkids together at the same time! I need to get up to John and Emily's gallery; it has been on my list for so long!

Amanda said...

Fun!! I'm glad the cousins had a chance to hang out!