Friday, May 6, 2011

Edible Book Fair

You might remember, earlier this year, Teresa and Hannah made an edible book for an event at the bookstore. This time is was for Open house at the Jr High, a fundraiser. The cakes were silent auctioned(and someone bought Teresa's). There were a lot of great cakes. I have to tell you, she had so little time to do this. The poor girl is so busy. She is in the school play, (which we got to see a sneak peek of, it was AWESOME! If you live close, you should come see it May 26th and 27th - $3 at FMS) and they have play practice everyday until 4:30 or 5pm. On Wednesdays that's a 3 hour rehearsal. That doesn't leave much room for homework AND extra stuff. But she managed and she will continue to manage. We're heading to Utah on Wed. for Kenan's wedding, and I think she will welcome the break from everything :) Teresa and her friend Alex chose to do Green Eggs and Ham. They did a great job. Because of lack of time, I baked the cake, frosted it and lay the top fondant for them. Basically I gave them a canvas and they worked their magic.

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Jen said...

What? Kenan's getting married? Did I know that and just forget. Yay for Kenan! The cake is awesome too.