Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Wedding

My cousin, Jason got married this last weekend in San Diego. The drive was horrible, but we made it in time and the wedding was nice. Perfect Weather!
It was outside at a winery, I never did get a picture of the two of them together, but here's one of his beautiful bride, Ashley.

Nathan, Gabe and my Uncle John(Gabe's grandpa)
Nathan and Gabe had a great time playing together

Nathan almost danced the nigth away. I don't know where he learns his moves, but they are pretty entertaining to watch. He stopped when they played a few slow songs, he didn't want to dance after that, he was too tired, it had been a long day. I'll try and post of video here, but it will probably have to be on Facebook again.

Sunday we went to LEGOLAND, so stay tuned for pictures

(Update: I was able to post the video on Facebook)

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llcall said...

How did I miss that dancing video? It was so cute! Glad I got to catch some of the lives show :)