Thursday, March 29, 2012

Picture Update

3 Unicorns

Have you ever heard of Trio's? They're blocks made by Fisher Price. Nathan has had them for a few years, and he has lots of them. In the last month or so he has become borderline obsessed about them. Every single day he is playing with those blocks. He builds all sorts of things. Mostly we see very intricate and impressive guns. Some even shoot ice cream. But you name it he's built it. Last night he made a mask. Sometimes he makes people, or ships. I took a few pictures of his creations last week. I really love to see the different things he creates.

A Baby Dragon for his sister


The other day I noticed
Nathan's backpack was really heavy...
Woodchips from the playground - lots of them

Aren't we cute! Yup, we both have braces - for now. Teresa
should be getting hers off in about 5 months. I will have them
for 2 years. I had some serious jaw pain caused by my bite.
So it's time ot fix that bite.

Next is a school project Teresa and her friends did. They are reading "To Kill a Mockingbird". The assignment was to make a video of a few scenes. They had a good time. It's over 6 minutes, so don't feel like you have to watch it all. They worked so hard, I thought I'd share.


llcall said...

I'm impressed with that video (and Nathan's animals, of course). It's just so amazing to me all the technology that kids learn to use at such a young age these days.

Jen said...

Um...I think I need to re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird" now. I feel inspired.