Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Fun at School

Nathan and I made these bunny cupcakes for his class. He was a huge help!

They're all lined up for an egg hunt

The race is on. They had a good time and were so sweet
to each other making sure everyone had their 3 eggs and pencil
And that brings us to SPRING BREAK!!!! YEAH!
Yesterday we went and saw The Lorax - which was a cute movie. Then lunch with grandma and then I slipped away for a pedicure with Amanda, it was really nice to visit and relax (plus I got to see Owen )
Today John and his boys will be here, so after we pack for our trip we'll be heading down to my folks for some serious cousin time.
Tomorrow we leave for a 3 day trip to Yosemite (we might freeze, but it will be fun!)
Look for pics sometime next week

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