Monday, June 4, 2012

8th Grade Graduation!!!

Can you believe it!

That morning we had four girls crammed in our little bathroom helping each other with their hair. It was cute! At one point there were 5 of us, I was braiding Alex's hair, she was braiding Teresa's and Hannah was curling Theresa's

Then we were off to graduation - I never got any good pictures of Teresa in her beautiful dress. I'll have to get some later. I had a lot going on. I was the one who put together their 8th grade Grad party that afternoon.

Teresa getting her diploma

Teresa and Theresa

Teresa and Corissa (Hannah snuck away quick - so no pick until party)

Some friends at the dance - Yes they are wearing capes that they
all got from Magic Mountain on the 30th

The dance was cruise ship themed. It was fun!


Serina said...

Omg, Teresa looks so pretty! And a lot like you Jo. I'm proud of her, and not even related. Is that weird?

Jo said...

Not weird at all. You guys have known her a long time and you are a big part of our lives. You might as well be family ;)

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous blue dress! did you make this one?

Jo said...

I didn't make it - we searched Bakersfield and ended up ordering one online, then I used the shawl that came with it to add sleeves :)