Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Day with the TK class

Nathan's class had a super fun waterish day on May 30th. Usually when I would help in the class I would run a center, and each child would come visit me with their group. Wednesday, I had a group of kids and we walked from station to station. The kids loved it! (even washing the chairs)

Exercise Station

Fishing for Words (plastic fish with words on them)

Playing pretend - Nathan is searching a pirate map

Rainbow Fish coloring page

Playing and measuring water - It's amazing the things that entertain kids

This was Humphrey the whale - we all climbed inside and read a story

Washing the chairs

Bowling and Rings

BUBBLES!!! This was one of their favorites

Lots of fun stuff!

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Jen said...

What fun! Whoever put all that together must've been tired at the end of the day.