Monday, July 16, 2012

Nathan's 6th Birthday

Only a week later, not too bad. We had a birthday party at my folks house with family and friends on Sunday July 8th. I'm so grateful that my parents offered their house, mine isn't big enough anymore and the temp was supposed to be 105 that day.

Last year Nathan knew that his 6th birthday would be aliens.
Here's the cake. There are 4 aliens around the sides that were drawn my
Nathan, recreated in fondant by me.

We made little alien goody bags with headband antenna's attached to them

What's an alien party with out spaceships?

Nathan wanted to play one game - pin the eye on the alien

I managed to get a picture of Owen as an alien(he wasn't that way for long)

The kids loved Grandma's playroom - so did the adults

Yah! Nathan got lots of fun things, we managed to play with everything this last week

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