Thursday, July 19, 2012

The fun of Summer

We've had a very busy summer! Teresa was in summer school from 7:30-12  starting June 4th to July 13th. We are all glad that's over and she has an A in Health and an A in CLIC to start her High School years with. Nathan had T-ball twice a week(luckily after June 21st he was done with swim and gym for awhile). Teresa had play practice M-TH usually from 6-8:30. Now we are actually having a summer(It's 11am and T has yet to wake up)

We had Ian spend the night last weekend. It was the boys first time having a little sleepover. It went really well - other than going to bed at midnight.
Saturday night we all went to see Teresa in the play Willy Wonka Jr.

Here they are singing us the rules of watching a play. It's cute!
Snuggled up ready to sleep - maybe

Sunday I took the boys over to Lowe's to do the free wood project. It was a Kung Fu Panda
 The next few pictures are some random pictures of things Nathan and I did while Teresa was in summer school.
We learned how to make paper boats - then of course, we had to float them

Nathan is making Ice cream!

Just a cute pic! The reason we even took this was so we could remember
how to put this track together

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