Saturday, August 8, 2015

Teresa's Saturday

We heard a bit from her last night, she sent a text to Nathan while she was eating lunch to say good-night to him.

Later we got a text and it said "I Love Seoul!" She said it started raining and they bought her a cute umbrella. They are staying in a hotel there where they can see a sea. They were showing her and used the word parasailing. One text said, they know the word "parasailing" but not "dry". They said the sea is very dirty, but it looked nice from afar. (after looking at a map, it looks like it might be a big river)

I told her she couldn't stay, that she'd have to eventually come home. But I'm glad she was is seeing some wonderful things.

The family took her to a fashion show in Seoul. She said it was fancy and crazy. She is enjoying the food. Her comment was, it's really good if you eat it right. She'll have to elaborate on that later. This was funny, so I'm going to quote her "...I have not once been hungry. These people wash down their food with more food, my appetite is considered small." She plans to make some Korean food for us when she gets home.

Our last chat it was Sunday for her, she had just finished roman for breakfast and was getting ready for, what her family called, an American day. That means chicken and pizza and baseball. They wanted her to have a day that felt a little more like home. That's very sweet of them! She said Saturday was very Korean. We'll have to wait until our tomorrow after 4 pm to hear how her Sunday went.

Our communication spans from 4 pm our time to about 11 pm our time. We might not hear as much from her come Monday. That will begin her adventures with all the students together. This first weekend was to spend time with the host families, after this they will only see them in the evenings.

Here's a picture of the city I found

Did you know you are considered to be one, when you are born? And after the new year you can say you are the next year older.

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