Friday, August 7, 2015

Teresa's travels Day 1 and 2,

I drove Teresa and 3 of the other girls down to LAX Thursday (Aug. 6th). There they joined the other half of the group and checked in. They boarded their plane about 12:15 and were to land in Incheon Airport Friday August 7th a bit after 5 pm their time. The Bucheon sister city group picked them up from the airport and took them to meet their host families.
Isn't she so cute!
She sent me a text on her Friday late(6 am our time). They weren't good...her family didn't speak English and she had puked her guts out. But things got better. I was able to text back and forth with her on her Saturday morning(her 5 am) and she was feeling better, just nervous about spending a whole weekend with a family who does not speak English. Later we talked(text) again and she told me a bit about what she had seen. She said it's beautiful and fascinating.
  • There are hundreds of tall apartment buildings, the one she is in is 20 stories.
  • There are hills covered in super green trees (she compared them to the Cayman Islands)
  • She said the commercials are CRAZY! We don't exaggerate Korea because it doesn't get any weirder
  • There are no traffic laws as far as she can tell, but they get around just fine
  • And they all back in the parking spaces
  • Oh, and the paper money is beautiful and elegant (she's already put some away to add to her coin/money collection)

When I last talked to her she was packing a few things to spend the night in Seoul, Korea with her host family and one of the other students and their host family. I'm guessing they will see some sights and then Sunday they are going to go see a baseball game. She was still a little nervous, but feeling much better about the weekend. She plans to teach her family some English and learn some Korean.

Did you know...
One American Dollar is about 1165 won(Korea's currency)

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