Friday, January 9, 2009


Just another cake, this time for 2 of the Parent Club ladies. I decided to make it springy, we need some sunny things in our days. Since the sun refuses to show itself.
It's a spice cake with LOTS of cream cheese frosting, chopped walnuts on the sides and (drum roll please! ) plastic flowers ;) I'm thinking this is the way to go, who needs flowers made of frosting, they're just time consuming and no one eats them, nor should they, they're usually made in advance.


Jen said...

The cake looks really tall, is it three layers? How do you get it covered in the walnuts so evenly, I've tried with sprinkles before and just make a mess.

Jo said...

It's actually 4 layers, I cut the two layers in half. As far as even nuts, it wasn't even, and I made a huge mess. I just used my hands, and cleaned it up with a wet paper towel :)