Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Summary of 2008

I'm supposed to list the 12 best things of the year... I don't know if I can get to 12, but here we go, in no particular order.

1. Teresa got glasses and finished a challenging 4th grade year. (does that count as two?)

I have to say starting a super great year in 5th grade too, because that's a big deal. And all the great things she has been able to do at school. She was in the play, sang in the choir, and recently participated in the oral language festival.

2. Nathan turned two and took a music class where I realized he was way too active for just music, he needs physical activity too - a lot of it. And Teresa turned 10, which was a big deal, she says finally double digits.

3. We went to the beach a few times. We LOVE the beach, Nathan would live in the sand if we let him. And I think Jonathan would live in the ocean, or at least close to it.

4. We went to San Diego for Sean and Serina's wedding, it was awesome! Think perfect southern CA day, on a balcony, overlooking the ocean...yeah, awesome! Add delicious cake and good friends.

5. We took a Family vacation to Utah for a huge family Reunion that was lots of fun. While there we had a smaller reunion with my brothers and then we were able to spend time with our good friends Kenan. We vacationed and had fun along the way with stops at several fun places.

6. We ALL got into Halloween this year. We were pirates, Arrr! It was fun, we're already talking about what theme we'll do next year. Teresa wants to do scary, but we'll have to see how Nathan takes scary next year.

7. I took more cake decorating classes with Serina, we had a lot of fun and made some pretty cute cakes(if I do say so myself). This is one of my favorites.
I even got paid to do one

8. I can't forget, I got to go on Teresa's 4th grade field trip to the mission. I haven't been able to go for 2 years. It was so fun! I even rode on the bus with the kids. that only 8?

Let's see -

9. We made the best graham cracker village, thus far.

10. I think I've made some progress towards becoming a better photographer(see photo blog)

11. I am the PTC Secretary at Teresa's school and although that isn't a huge deal, it has been fun.

12. And making history with the election, I realize this is not a personal event, but it will be a good memory for years to come.

That's a quick summary of our year, I'm sure I missed something major ;)
And look, only a few hours left of 2008.
I hope everyone has a terrific 2009!

**EDIT** I forgot a HUGE thing - We got a Wii, and Rock Band. (I knew I would forget something major ;)

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