Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A fun Week

Monday the kids had their well child visits. Nathan's height and weight are in the 95th percentile - but he's been like that his whole life :) Teresa's height is in the 70th % and weight in the 50th%. Tall and thin! She is 4ft 11in. Poor Teresa had to get 3 shots. This called for ice cream before lunch.

Yes, this is Teresa eating her ice cream with a small Baskin Robbins sample spoon, and the empty cone. She ate the cone too, just not with the ice cream.


That afternoon Emily came up with the 3 boys to spend time with us :D

We had a fun BBQ over at James and Amanda's.


Then Tuesday we all went to the beach. We didn't want to fight LA traffic so we headed west to Avila Beach. There were a lot of people, but we didn't mind, we only needed a small spot to sit and play in the sand.

We dove right in to the sand, Nathan and I played in the waves for awhile and then back to the sand.

We saw 100's of seals swim by. It was so cool! They came very close to the wave line too. The Pelicans were following the seals. There must have been some feast.

The kids found a clam and a sea snail to harass while they were there. When we were leaving they spotted an injured Pelican coming up the beach. Poor thing had a hook in it's wing. Someone called animal control to come help it.

This is just a strange car we saw on our way home. It said Dob Robot or something like that


Serina said...

It looks like you guys had a great time.

Amanda said...

I can't believe the picture of the car turned out so well! It was a fun day!